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MEXC Crypto Exchanger
MEXC Crypto Exchanger

What is MEXC Global?

MEXC Global Exchange is one of the world’s major digital asset trading platforms, having launched in April 2018. The team’s core members have vast experience in the blockchain and financial industries and come from world-class corporations and investment organizations.

It can provide consumers one-stop shopping for digital assets such as spot, margin, leveraged ETF, and contract trading, as well as PoS staking. It not only assembles an experienced safety team but also partners with top-tier security organizations to protect the user’s valuables.

MEXC Features

  • It was founded by a strong team of blockchain professionals and veterans from Wall Street, Japan, and Europe.
  • Contributions to society: MX holders will get a bonus of 60% of trading costs, with the remaining 40% used to repurchase and burn their native MX tokens on a monthly basis.
  • User-friendly: MX token holders will vote on the MEXC Global team members and how the group will function.

About MEXC

Different exchanges provide different trading features. It would be beneficial if you could determine which trading perspective is the finest for you. The order book, a piece of the order book, a price chart of the selected cryptocurrency, and an ordering background are all visible in each view. They almost always have to buy and sell boxes. Please examine the trading view before selecting an exchange to ensure that it meets your needs.

In my perspective, the MEXC Global trading interface was simple and easy to use. There are clear sell and purchase orders, but no further data, such as real-time prices, are given.

Most Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is KYC required by MEXC Global Exchange?

MEXC Global does not require to Know Your Customer (KYC) for withdrawals at this time. For exchanges, MEXC Global needs KYC in the form of a photograph of the user’s passport and proof of address. Although more than 30 BTC withdrawals have been recorded to trigger manual KYC, the MEXC Global exchange does not have a KYC program. During the manual KYC procedure, MEXC Global will put a hold on account withdrawals until customers provide identification. The Exchange has indicated that an exchange-wide KYC will be implemented soon.

Is the MEXC Global Exchange a rip-off?

Due to complaints of fraudulent group members and high transaction volume, MEXC Global has a tumultuous image.

Is there a VIP program at MEXC Global?

The exchange provides VIP service to traders who trade more than 30 BTC. Consumers can benefit from lower trading rates and other perks as part of the VIP program.

Is it possible for MEXC Global to place a hold on my deposited monies, preventing me from withdrawing them?

No, for additional information, please check on depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the Exchange.

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