Cloud Mining Platform

The most flexible and versatile cloud mining platform providing in-house Bitcoin mining hardware, a user friendly interface for instantly purchasing or selling cloud mining hashing power, and the ability to also mine Ixcoin, Namecoin and Devcoin is CEX.IO. CEX.IO customers are not bound by lengthy cloud mining contracts, but can buy or sell cloud mining GHS with either Bitcoin or Namecoin instantly at any time through the built-in trading platform. Cloud mining GHS purchased through CEX.IO begin Bitcoin mining for the user immediately upon purchase , and will pay out for as long as the customer holds them. In other words, CEX.IO does not sell limited time cloud mining contracts. Although cloud mining GHS are currently more expensive on CEX.IO than on PB Mining, many customers consider that to be a small price to pay for CEX.IO’s incredible versatility. The trading platform method of purchasing cloud mining GHS also suits customers who want to profit by day trading hashing power.

Cloud Mining Platform

Company Background: Bitcoin mining company CEX.IO is a legally registered private limited company in the United Kingdom.  CEX.IO incorporated on November 1, 2013, and very quickly established itself as a reputable leader in the Bitcoin cloud mining community. CEX.IO prides itself on its excellent security and customer support, and how its game changing platform has made Bitcoin mining for beginners possible.

In September last year double spending against the Bitcoin network was detected from CEX.IO’s Ghash.IO mining pool. However CEX released a public statement explaining that it was a member of their former development team, and no further double spending incidents have been detected since that time. Ghash.IO (the mining pool CEX uses) also came close to reaching 51% of the Bitcoin network late last year, but currently the Ghash.IO represents just 20% of the Bitcoin network.

Value For Money: Customers looking for the cheapest Bitcoin mining rate will find better prices on other sites such as PB Mining. However, CEX.IO adds value by participating in the largest Bitcoin mining pool,, providing merged mining of Devcoin, Ixcoin and Namecoin, and providing the ability to directly purchase cloud mining GHS with Namecoin as well as Bitcoin. Customers can apply all their mined Namecoins into purchasing more hashing power. CEX.IO also provides unlimited ownership of Bitcoin mining power, meaning that once bought, the cloud mining GHS will work for the owner until he or she chooses to sell them. At no time does the mining power revert back to the company as is the case with a limited time Bitcoin mining contract. Finally, CEX.IO makes its cloud mining GHS so liquid that they can be day traded for profit. Traders need to understand that overall price of hashing power decreases as Bitcoin mining difficulty increases.

CEX.IO also charges a maintenance fee (which varies depending on exchange rate, difficulty and block rewards) and this is currently 29.67% of mining profits. CEX.IO is still much cheaper than Cryptsy and – but compared to PB Mining (which has no fees whatsoever), it does seem a little high.

Customer support: CEX.IO support typically responds to requests within hours. The answers are professional and helpful. In addition to prompt replies to support tickets, CEX.IO has an extensive FAQ section providing a comprehensive Bitcoin mining guide which allows customers benefit from others who have had similar concerns successfully resolved. Some users have reported significant delays in receiving answers to their support tickets, although we have not experienced this ourselves. Customers can also estimate their potential earnings from CEX.IO’s built-in Bitcoin mining calculator.

Payout processing: CEX.IO immediately credits Bitcoin mining rewards to customers’ accounts. Customers can withdraw to any address at any time. For customer security, all withdrawal requests require either 2FA or email confirmation. Mining profit withdrawals to your personal Bitcoin wallet are usually processed immediately and no one has reported problems withdrawing. Withdrawal fees are 0.001 BTC and the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 BTC.

Security: For additional customer protection, all withdrawal requests need to be confirmed by email or 2FA. We highly recommend all users activate 2FA to make their account impossible to hack as due to the nature of the platform if your account is compromised hackers may sell all your GH/s and cash out the Bitcoin. Customer’s accounts have been targeted for hacking before so we strongly recommend you activate 2FA on your account.

Summary: For those seeking to strictly maximize Bitcoin mining profitability, there are cheaper ways to get hashing power. Where CEX.IO shines is in its solid reputation for not being a scam, unmatched versatility, and unlimited GHS ownership time. CEX.IO is recommended for beginners who want to conduct a Bitcoin mining test before committing to a long term investment as well as for seasoned traders who wish to additionally profit from trading cloud mining GH/s. REVOLUTIONARY PLATFORM For real-time Bitcoin Mining and Trading

After you sign up please ensure you turn 2FA (two factor authentication) ON to ensure that no one can hack into your CEX.IO account – ensuring the safety of your funds! CEX.IO is one of the original bitcoin cloud mining companies and if you haven’t seen their revolutionary GH/s trading platform before we highly recommend you check it out.

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