Make gold accessible and secure for payments and savings.

BitGold Vault is innovating in gold. BitGold attacking the main issues that gold has had which is its payment and transit delay. And the fact that it hasn’t been a medium of exchange. Using ground-breaking technology solving these issues and proud of that global access to Gold. -Roy Sebag, CEO

Canadian digital currency startup BitGold has successfully closed a $3.5m Series A funding round.

BitGold Vault

PowerOne Capital, Soros Brothers Investments, Sandstorm Gold and PortVesta Holdings are Participants. Notably, the man behind Soros Brothers Investments is Alexander Soros.

The Toronto-based company offers a consumer-focused Internet platform for global blockchain payments. Alongside access to secure and redeemable gold for savings.

BitGold raised angel funding from its own co-founders Josh Crumb and Roy Sebag earlier.

Blockchain tech meets gold

BitGold says its mission is to provide “global access to gold for secure savings and transactions”. While at the same time offering digital payments based on blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology has already unleashed a wave of payments innovation that will empower people. By lowering costs and offering more access to safe and transparent financial services.

Buy Gold Easily Buy Gold Easily
Within 1% of official gold price.
Store Gold For Free Store Gold For Free
Over 10 physical Brinks locations.
Fully Redeemable Fully Redeemable
As 10g Gold Cubes or 1kg Bars.
Fully Redeemable Fully Redeemable
Payment to & from any BitGold user.
Spend Gold Globally Spend Gold Globally
At any point of sales with your BitGold DebitCard.
For Sellers For Sellers
Accept gold from the BitGold network or credit cards.
Fully Insured Fully Insured
Insured by The Brinks Company against theft or loss.
Golden Heart™ Program Golden Heart™ Program
Rewards you and your friends for sharing the BitGold experience.
BitGold Vault

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