Crypto analyst Nicholas Merten shared his views on the future of Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies.Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao gave an interview to Bloomberg the other day and evaluated the general situation of the market.

Emphasizing that 60 percent of the trade volume came from altcoins recently, Zhao said that this could indicate a new altcoin season (season).

Nicholas Merten, founder of Digifox, made some similar comments in his statements regarding the crypto market. Merten, evaluating Bitcoin and altcoins, said that altcoins can continue to grow over time.

Attention to These Subcoins

According to the information provided by FXStreet, Merten is very hopeful about the future of altcoins. Believing that the alternative crypto world will continue to grow, Merten thinks that some altcoins can gain 40 times the value of Bitcoin over time.

Merten says that as the altcoin market grows, competition between altcoins will heat up and we will see a new “protocol war”. According to his estimates, there are names such as Cardano, EOS, NEO, Tezos and Cosmos among the coins that will shape this market in the future. According to the information reported by The Daily Hodl, Merten’s comments on the subject are as follows:

“I have no doubt that these coins, whose names we counted, will gain value against Bitcoin a year from now. I’m pretty sure of that. Even most of them will be (appreciated). But the important question is; whether these projects will really improve. Because, according to the answer of this question, these coins will either gain two or three times value against Bitcoin or they will experience ten, twenty, thirty, forty times increase. ”

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