Seasoned crypto trader and analyst Michael van de Poppe has published a short-term altcoin price forecast and named the main catalyst for a potential bullish run.

Greed brings the growth

Mr. van de Poppe supposes that the only catalyst that may move altcoins upwards is ‘human greed’. Thus, it may be much more profitable to long it.

Also, the trader added that the worst strategy is being a newcomer in the army of Bitcoin (BTC) maximalists. There is no sign that a dead altcoin market is in the cards for these days, concluded mr. van de Poppe.

Bad time for ‘all-in’

By the way, this altcoin rally may not be splendid at all. So, the analyst recommends being careful going to extremes and to cease ‘shouting ‘The Next Bitcoin’ on every altcoin’

At print time, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at 9,366 USD while major altcoins are in the red zone.

First Published at Altcoins May Move Up Hard Because of Greed: Analyst – U.Today